Thalaivi movie, Full information related to the film

Thalaivi new movie

Complete information related to the Thalaivi film.


Thalaivi movie . Full information related to this movie has been given. Such as movie release date and story taken in the film will be known and more.

Superstar film actress Kangna Runaut’s first song from the movie thalaivi movie “Chali Ray Chali” which was released on 2 April 2021. Joe’s movie has a short video. Tell you that after the release of Taylor, the logo is loud Has gone from Tire. 

Let me tell you, this film has been made based on the politics that comes in the future of Bharatayo. In which Kangna Runaut plays Jayalalita J .

And the film is shot in three languages Hindi, Telugu, Tamil. And it is directed by ALL Vijay. produced by Vibri Media. 

Let us tell you that this film officially started on Jayalalitha ji’s birth anniversary on 26 February. And in the early times the film was named thalaivi in Tamil language and jayatha in Hindi and Telugu language.

The name of this film and this film was discussed as to what name to release this film. But according to the agreement, the film was released in all three languages under the name of thalaivi. And this film is known as thalaivi in all three languages.

The shooting of Thalaivi Mowi began in November 2019 and ended in December 2020. Meaning it took time to shoot the entire 1 year. The film was to be released in full and released in 2020 but the film was postponed due to coronavirus. And you know that the epidemic of coronavirus in our country is a terrible form The film was postponed due to this severe epidemic 



Kangana Ranaut as J. Jayalalithaa
Arvind Swami  as M. G. Ramachandran
Poorna as V. K. Sasikala
Thambi Ramaiah as Natarajan
Madhu Bala as V. N. Janaki Ramachandran
Nassar  as M. Karunanidhi
Bhagyashree  as Sandhya
Samuthirakani  as R. M. Veerappan
Raj Arjun as R. M. Veerappan

The music for the film is written in a different language by the four authors.


  • GiVi Prakash Kumar and Irshad Kamil-(hindi)
  • Madhavi Karki (Tamil)
  • Sira Shree (Telugu)

And this music is taken over by t-series. 


Release date.

This movie was released in 2020, But the film was completely postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Whether the film will not be incomplete release will be released in 2021. So let me tell you that this film will be released on 23 April 2021 and on many different platforms Will also be made available.



Let me tell you that there was some controversy about this film. In which Deepak Jayakumar filed a complaint against the producer of this film in Madras High Court on November 2019.

And said that Jayalalitha ji was the legal heir. And before making his life film,

the filmmaker should have contacted him 

And he also said that there is no legal right to make a film about the life of Jayalalita ji.

Similarly, all the team that had been in the dispute for several months and after a few days ended and got approved 

No lockdown will be imposed in Delhi at present.


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