No lockdown will be imposed in Delhi at present.




Delhi covid-19: No lockdown will be imposed in Delhi at present.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (covid-19)arrives at Kovind Hospital to probe the rising cases of Karona (covid-19) in Delhi. 


CM Arvind Kejriwal has visited LNJP, the largest hospital, and conducted a thorough inquiry into the growing case of krona in Delhi. Talking to him on the same occasion, he said that we have to speed up the krona vaccine first.


And on the other hand there is a need to stop the coronavirus from growing and the hospital management will have to be repaired.

He told that there is a fourth wave of coronavirus running in Delhi, there was a loosening in embroidery after a little control of the Croana virus.


covid 19 india.

Kejriwal also said that we have seen all the systems of LNJP Hospital. The way in which we prevented the first epidemic of coronavirus. Back at the same level, Delhi and all the hospitals are working together.

Arvind Kejriwal told that, he inspected the hospital which was needed. When asked by the doctors of the hospital,

he told that people living in Delhi will not suffer any kind of suffering. If a person is ill, he will be admitted to the hospital immediately and the patient will be thoroughly examined.

And arrangements should be made to the patient in the best hospital and it will be our full effort to do so.

And let’s talk about the coronavirus vaccine. Let me tell you that he has also written a letter to the Prime Minister regarding the Corona vaccine. Delhi’s system can tell the rest of the countries.

If a sufficient number of vaccines are made available for Delhi, then the age limit can be removed. And if the rule of vaccine center is allowed to open a large scale coronavirus vaccine center, then we can provide vaccine for Delhi in 2 to 3 months for the whole of Delhi.

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The Chief Minister said about the lack of vaccine in Delhi. He said that we have the Krona vaccine available for 7 to 10 days.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal while dismissing the possibility of a lock-down in Delhi,

said that lock-down is not required at the moment but a ban will have to be imposed at the moment.

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